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Trump’s election is not an aberration, but is the result of many years of history. It is important to recognize the sentiments that elected him are born from perceptions and circumstances that were either manufactured for consumption or that actually exist. We can change those perceptions and circumstances if we so choose.

Times of change, reaction, or outright fear are rarely good places from which to act – if we didn’t know yesterday what was going to happen today, we won’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow either. The difficulty remains in trying to understand exactly how others’ actions will impact our lives and what we can do to control the outcomes.

No different from previous eras, we can acquiesce to others’ influence and allow ourselves to be manipulated. Or we can take responsibility for the world we have created and continue to follow the paths we have outlined to pursue the legacy we wish to leave for our children and grandchildren. We still decide, and last night’s election results didn’t change that one bit.

As always, we encourage you to make sure your needs and goals are clearly outlined and make sure they are addressed through your actions.



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