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It’s been awhile since we’ve put out any market updates or commentary and now that we are less constrained, except of course by the various regulatory entities that govern anything and everything financial, we hope to share a multitude of perspectives for the good of the order.

The main disclosure is that nothing said in this column should be construed as any type of recommendation; rather it is simply an avenue for us to communicate our understanding of the world as we’ve gleaned it from a variety of sources. It is also a means to regularly reach out to those interested in the way we perceive the world.

Please feel free to share these communications with others or to unsubscribe from this list at any time. As always, we welcome comments and suggestions – don’t be shy. Perhaps we can elevate this monologue into a forum of sorts for exploring solutions to our many challenges, financial or otherwise.

This month, we’d like to offer a link to a list that Forbes considers the top 30 Social Entrpreneurs which, as the posted comments suggest, we hope is just the beginning of a conversation about how we can work together to use finance as a means for positive change.

From the mainstream, we would encourage a look at a recent article entitled The New International Economic Disorder from Mohamed El-Erian at PIMCO. While PIMCO doesn’t aim to be socially conscious and El-Erian tends to be decidedly pragmatic, I think the last paragraph does present some hope on this Solstice eve:

“Fortunately, despite having lagged rather than led this process of consequential (and increasingly disorderly) global change, it is not too late for policymakers to catch up. But doing so requires more than just better national policymaking in Europe and America; it is also time for urgent and deep reform of the multilateral system and its main institutions. That process requires joint leadership by the emerging world as a true equal and partner of Western powers.”

Let us hope we can find balance in our lives both personally and collectively, so like Rudolph, we can can lead through the storm.

All the best for the holidays and the New Year,


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