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Growing wealth by caring about people and the planet.
Our Team Works for You.
Whether you’re looking to manage a legacy, to have an impact, or to
find another way of working with your advisors, we provide the experience
and expertise to open doors you may not have considered previously and
to help you navigate the course we choose together.


We provide integrated strategies for clients who want a fiduciary – an investment planning and advisory firm where clients’ interests always come first – and who believe their financial choices should reflect their personal commitment to vibrant communities and thriving ecosystems.



We are guided by truth and honor. We connect values with actions.


We believe there is strength in knowledge. We empower our clients to understand their situation and be confident in their financial decisions.


We are tenacious. We strive for solutions that work for you.


We believe in giving back to our communities. We respect the natural world.


Northfork_financial_bozemanWe are an independent and registered investment fiduciary. Our clients’ interests always come ahead of our own. We do not sell or promote any particular product or service. We have no obligations to any specific financial services firm. We are fee-only advisors. We use a transparent fee structure as well as hourly rates. We do not have any hidden fees. We do not get paid to sell or promote any particular product or service.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive financial planning approach, our integrity and above all, our commitment to our clients’ current and future well-being.


NorthFork Financial emerged in the fall of 2011 to provide individuals and families with integrated financial planning and advisory services that are wholly independent from any firm or any investment products, that provide a transparent and flexible fee structure, and that are committed to helping people connect their values with their finances.

After spending five years learning the industry as a Financial Consultant at a regional broker-dealer firm, Bill Stoddart wanted to create a firm that didn’t follow the predominant model for providing financial services. At many firms across the U.S., a consultant’s job is to figure out how client assets can generate income for the company. And how much “production” each consultant generates is often part of a larger contest within the company – this culture is very familiar to all salesmen and women; however, Bill didn’t believe it was the right measurement as to how well he was helping his clients achieve their personal and financial goals.

Perhaps Bill’s perspective on helping his clients achieve their goals derives from his nearly ten years as a high school teacher helping his students succeed. As a teacher, he believed his role was to help his students acquire knowledge and to provide further guidance as necessary, regardless of the time or personal commitment required.

So, when it came to talking with clients about their financial lives, helping them establish goals and educating them about the various tools available to help them move toward those goals – whether it was talking with them about credit, or real estate, or the securities markets, or budgeting, or career alternatives, it didn’t seem right to Bill to be compensated through the investments his clients chose. Nor did it feel right to him that he was evaluated based on how much income he generated for the firm, not based on his relationships with his clients.

One morning, Bill was thinking about how he would explain to his kids what he did for a living, and realized he could no longer do what he was doing the way he had been doing it. And so, after a good amount of research into alternative models and a lot of conversations with colleagues who had experience with other advisory models, he decided to make the leap to becoming an independent Registered Investment Advisor and created NorthFork Financial, LLC in late 2011.

The name NorthFork stems not only from the geography of the area and the jump-off point for one of Bill’s favorite wilderness pursuits, but it also represents a metaphor of choice and purpose.


We are experts in Socially Responsible and Impact Investing. For more than a decade, we’ve successfully provided our clients with integrated financial planning and advisory services.


If you have questions you’d like to discuss, get in touch with us.

We do not charge for an initial consultation.

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We believe the world is interconnected.
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We believe the world is interconnected. Read more about our perspective.